Blackhorned Saga was formed in 1994 in Nowy Targ, Poland, then known as Lathspell.
In 1995, Lathspell recorded its first and only demo tape, "Narodzeni by Bluznic". Shortly after the recording, Lathspell's activities were put on hold as Abygrel relocated to the U.S.
The remaining members went on to form Porphyria, with Set taking over the drums. But after recording mcd "Mayhemic Blast", Set also relocated and moved to Ireland.
In 2004 the original members of Lathspell gathered together to resurrect the band, continuing as a long distance project. Lathspell then changed its name to Blackhorned Saga because another group by the name of Lathspell already existed in Finland.
In 2006 Lathspell, now known as Blackhorned Saga, started recording their first full length, simply titled "Lathspell". The CD was self-released by the end of 2007.
Year 2010 brought new recording, mcd "Broken Messiah".
First great reviews of "Broken Messiah" came in early 2011, followed by a contract with Drakkar Productions.
In December of 2011, Drakkar officially released "Broken Messiah" on CD.
2014, in late June, polish underground label Seven Gates of Hell releases "Setan" on CD.

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