January a.b.2015
New year is bringing something new to read: first review from Chaos Vault and then one more from Atmospheric Metal Magazine .

November/December a.b.2014
Black Plague Records & Distro starts to distribute "Setan" CD throughout North America.

October a.b.2014
The Nocturnal Battle of Chariots reviews "Setan" as well.

August a.b.2014
"Setan" gets its first review. Voices from The Dark Side .

July a.b.2014
Radio Revolta starts playing music from the "Setan" album.

June (late) a.b.2014
On June 31st, polish underground label, Seven Gates of Hell releases "Setan" on CD and makes it officially available thru Hellshop.
Music samples from the new album available in 'music' section.
Also, Blackhorned Saga is being played regularly on the Heretica Radio

Thank You all for Your interest & support !

Blackhorned Adore